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Week 39

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Week 39


Your pregnancy is almost over! Your baby will engage and in the days before labour you might experience a bloody show from mucous plug, loss of the mucous plug, loose stools, loss of weight and increase in appetite. Some women begin to ‘turn inward’ at this time of pregnancy, planning ahead their work, excessive cleaning, stocking up of groceries and cooking and freezing meals.

You are continuing to make amniotic fluid but the rate of absorption may outpace the amount you make, so levels may start to decrease a bit. It might be tricky to tell the difference between leaking of urine and amniotic fluid. If in doubt it is best to have it checked out.


The meconium in the baby’s intestines will be shed as the first movement that the bowels make after birth. This is a black, thick, tarry substance. The amniotic fluid continues to be constantly replaced even in labour. Though we still don’t know where amniotic fluid comes from, we know that it is partially composed of urine, sweat and other fluids from the baby. Your baby has been practicing breathing the amniotic fluid for many weeks in preparation for the big event!


As time is ticking by, it is ideal not to lazy around the house, you will have plenty of time indoors once the baby arrives. Grasp the opportunity to watch a movie or have a peaceful dinner, since it might be some time before you do it again.

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