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Week 25

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Week 25


Usually you will still be feeling really good at this point in your pregnancy! Very soon your gynecologist visits will be more frequent and you will feel that time is running out. It is the time to start preparing your baby’s room, this will help you bond even more and keeps you day dreaming of the feeling you will experience when your baby is in your arms.

Your abdominal skin, which is being stretched to its capacity, may be driving you crazy with itchiness. Try applying olive oil or cocoa butter, unless you’re allergic to these. If the itching persists mention it to your gynecologist since it could be “PUPP” (pruritic urticarial papules and placques of pregnancy), a very common skin condition for pregnant women.


Your baby’s brain is developing rapidly. S/he is also very well-proportioned and his head is no longer one third the size of his whole body. Your baby’s first meconium stool has formed and will be excreted in the days following birth. Some babies will pass some meconium in the amniotic fluid before birth. This would require suctioning at birth.


If you have doubts, thoughts or opinions about things relating to the baby it is urged to speak up and discuss them with mom. It is important that you plan ahead how to deal with important decisions, like which hospital you’re choosing, how to go about chores when the baby arrives.

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