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Week 18

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Week 18


Sleeping may become increasingly uncomfortable as you grow bigger and the weight increases. Using a pillow between your knees might ease the discomfort. It might also be the right time to start deciding on baby names. Reading books and browsing through websites will give you an idea of the most common names as well as the meaning behind names. Choose carefully; make sure that the initials don’t spell something rude and that the name and surname fit nicely together.


The baby is constantly growing and the bones are continuing the ossification process. The pads of the fingers and toes are formed and the fingerprints are now fully developed.


House chores will become extremely tiring to do with all the weight hanging constantly around your partner, so a little help will be highly appreciated. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes by lifting up something that weighs just as much as your partner has gained and try doing some house chores with that weight hanging onto you… then you may very well understand the fatigue your pregnant partner is experiencing.

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