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Week 16

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Week 16


If you have had a previous child or if you are very thin, you may begin to feel the baby move this week. It is very important to add more vitamin C in your diet, since deficiency of such vitamin, plus the altered levels of hormones may cause nosebleeds.


This week an ultrasound may determine the sex of the baby, though it might still be early in certain cases. Your baby is now weighing approximately 85 grams and is about 16cms. S/he is also emptying the bladder every 45 minutes and the limb movements are becoming increasingly coordinated. The eyes have come closer together and s/he also begins blinking. The nails are also well formed and the sucking reflex will already have kicked in. You might actually catch a glimpse of the baby sucking his or her thumb!


Surprise dinners and lunches will be a nice sneak-away before your baby arrives. Attending to prenatal appointments will give you the chance to start creating a bond with your baby-to-be.

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