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Week 14

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Week 14


The hormonal changes in your body are becoming apparent. Many are in the form of skin changes and it might also make you change your make-up brands! The areola may have gotten even darker and larger. Another result of hormonal changes is food aversion. Nearly 85% of pregnant woman have food aversions, this might take the form of aversion towards unhealthy foods as well as healthy foods. Though you should be glad that you have aversions to unhealthy foods, the same cannot be said to the aversion towards healthy foods. Instead of force-feeding yourself to the detested item, try finding a palatable alternative that offers the same nutritional value.


Your baby is now about 12.5 cms and weights about 57grams. The baby’s neck is complete and s/he even has fingerprints. The baby is also beginning to move around in the amniotic fluid, which replenishes itself every three hours. The amniotic fluid is partially composed of the baby’s urine! This week you may start feeling some fetal movement. This usually is in the form of butterflies in your stomach!


As mom is feeling better, you may feel like she is back to her old self again. It may be the time to make the most of your remaining ‘honeymooners’ time. Going on romantic dates may get you ever so closer knowing that soon you will have a little tot composed from the both of you!

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